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11 months ago @ 2:00PM

2016-2017 Spring Sports Review

2017 APHS Spring Sports Season

The Boys’ Golf team, led by Coaches Brad Cruts and Geoff Arnoldy, had big wins over Wyandotte, Southgate, Carlson, Woodhaven, Truman and Kennedy and beat each team twice. The team finished with a 12-2 overall record and also shot their best golf at the most important time of the year at the MHSAA Regional, just missing qualifying for States.

  • Jarod Potasnik earned All-League honors
  • Dalton Stiegler earned All-League honors
  • Donald Andrysiak earned All-League honors

The Girls’ Soccer team, led by Coaches Kamry Miller and Nick Schultz, defeated Bedford, Edsel Ford, Southgate, Wyandotte and Carlson this year amongst others. The team excelled in the playoffs with a couple of big wins and became MHSAA District Champions for the first time in school history.

  • Haylee Renick earned All-League honors
  • Natalie Lovasz earned All-League honors
  • Madison Jarnot earned All-League honors
  • Lynsey Fowler earned All-League honors

The Boys’ Baseball team, led by Coaches Glenn Gulliver and Craig Fraser, had big wins over Woodhaven, Carlson, Trenton, Chelsea, Ann Arbor Skyline and others. The team got hot late in the season and the team went into the MHSAA playoffs on a high and proceeded to win the MHSAA District Championship for the third year in a row.

  • Tyler Beachnau earned All-League honors
  • Carlos Agens earned All-League honors
  • David Gault-Villareal earned All-League honors
  • Jakob Marsee earned All-League Academic honors

The Boys’ Track team, led by Coaches Tim Collins, Jon Autry, Max Archangeli and Shane Farrell, had wins over Southgate, Melvindale and Taylor Kennedy this year. Alexander Hinojosa became a two-time league champion by winning both the discus and shot put events. Alexander Hinojosa also qualified for the MHSAA State Finals in shot put event.

  • Alexander Hinojosa earned All-League honors
  • Bruce Liepe earned All-League honors

The Girls’ Tennis team, led by Coaches Bill Riggs and Ryan Sawyer, had big wins over Grosse Pointe North, Carlson and Trenton and the team won the league meet late in the year to become league champions! Bethany Posey, Rachel Hadvina, Abbey Skarbinksi, and Daelin Ruetz were league flight champions. The team also qualified for the MHSAA State Finals Tournament for the 14th year in-a-row when Bethany Posey, Megan Kusulas, Alison Bartholomew, Abbey Skarbinksi and Daelin Ruetz won their flights in the MHSAA Regional. The team also earned All-State Academic Team status for the 11th consecutive year.

  • Paige Nightingale earned All-League honors
  • Leah Schlesinger earned All-League honors
  • Bethany Posey earned All-League honors
  • Rachel Hadvina earned All-League honors
  • Sheilla Sandoval earned All-League honors
  • Emma Gauthier earned All-League honors

The Girls’ Track team, led by Coaches Paul Vockler, Joe Donnelly, Andrew DeHaan and Meghan Terry, had wins over Taylor Kennedy, Melvindale and Lincoln Park this year. Isabelle Ciarrocchi was the league champion in the pole vault and set a new school and meet record with her performance. Lyric Spears was the 100m high hurdles league champion and Isabelle Ciarrocchi qualified for the MHSAA State Finals in the pole vault where she finished in the top 20 in the state.

  • Isabelle Ciarrocchi earned All-League honors
  • Lyric Spears earned All-League honors
  • Morgan Cartwright earned All-League honors

The Girls’ Softball team, led by Coaches Patsy Curnell and Mike Labut, once again beat every team in the Downriver League twice to finish with an undefeated league season and the Downriver League Championship for the seventh consecutive season! No other team in the league has ever won a Downriver League title. They once again earned the title of being “The Best Softball Team Downriver” as they defeated Riverview as well this year. The team qualified for and earned All-State Academic team honors and won the MHSAA District Championship for the 12th year in-a-row.

  • Hailey Genaw earned All-League honors
  • Carlie Magier earned All-League honors
  • Isabel Slate earned All-League honors
  • Alyssa Lake earned All-League honors
  • Brenna McCalister earned All-League honors

The Downriver League All-Academic Award is earned by all varsity athletes (sophomore, junior and senior only) who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher at the end of each semester. Proudly, we had 62% of all varsity athletes achieve this award and the winners were:

Matthew Arnoldy                  Tyler Beachnau            Isabelle Ciarrocchi              Hailey Genaw               Alex Goulasarian                  Alexander Hinojosa      Samantha Howell               Hannah Kubitz                  Megan Kusulas                    Olivia Labut                 Natalie Lovasz                   Carlie Magier                      Ashlee Metcalf                     Samuel Migliaccio       Paige Nightingale                Leanne Nutter              Haley Powell                        Katherine Rogers         Sheilla Sandoval                 Isabel Slate                  Casey Storck                       Nicklaus Wayman        Alison Bartholomew            Devin Basley                Samantha Caswell                Alexander Chadwick     Rachel Hadvina                 Madison Jarnot            Drew Johnson                      Kelsey Kmita               Grace Kubitz                      Aurora Liepe                McKenna Martin                    Evan Miller                  Tyler Miracle                     Meghan Muzzin                 Daelin Ruetz                        Leah Schlesinger          Carly Schultz                    Abbey Skarbinski        Sarah Szalai                         Ian Antioch                   Ashley Armstrong             Kyle Babij                     Morgan Cartwright                  Logan Collins               Carmen Curnell                 Emma Gauthier      Gabrielle Genaw                   Kylie George                Johnathan Klein                Alyssa Lake                Kelsi Littleton                       Katherine Mann            Jakob Marsee                   Brenna McCalister Magdelene Porter                  Bethany Posey            Madison Schroeder            Maddison Scroggins  Abigail Slate                        Sydni Uhlenberg           Nolan Zajkowski

The All-State All-Academic Award is earned in each participating sport coaches’ association by all senior varsity athletes who have a cumulative grade point average of usually a 3.75 or higher during their senior year and other sport specific important criteria. 

Tyler Beachnau         Hailey Genaw              Hannah Kubitz            Olivia Labut       Natalie Lovasz             Carlie Magier             Ashley Metcalf            Paige Nightingale         Leanne Nutt     Katherine Rogers       Sheilla Sandoval        Isabel Slate                Casey Storck

The 110% Award is presented to a student-athlete from each varsity sport. This award is given to the athlete who:

  • Demonstrates school spirit, team pride and enthusiasm
  • Encourages others on the team to always give their best effort
  • Is always striving for a total team effort and team improvement
  • Faithfully attends all practices and games, unless excused
  • Is a good representative of the High School sports program
  • Conducts themselves in a well-behaved, respectful manner
  • Unselfishly gives of themselves to the total team concept
  • Motivates themselves and others on the team to high achievement
  • Continues to be a good student-athlete throughout the school year

This year’s winners in each sport were:

Carly Schultz (Girls’ Soccer)              Carlos Agens (Baseball)

Dalton Stiegler (Boys’ Golf)                Samantha Howell (Softball)

Megan Kusulas (Girls’ Tennis)            Devin Tenerowicz (Boys’ Track)

Anna McDonald (Girls’ Track).

The Robert D. Kelly Award is a distinguished and honored award presented to the top academic athlete each season. One athlete from each sport was nominated and they were:

             Natalie Lovasz (Girls’ Soccer)                 Tyler Beachnau (Baseball)

 Alexander Hinojosa (Boys’ Track)            Carlie Magier (Softball)

 Paige Nightingale (Girls’ Tennis)              Dalton Stiegler (Boys’ Golf)

             Isabelle Ciarrocchi (Girls’ Track)

This season’s Robert D. Kelley Award and $1000 scholarship winner was: ALEXANDER HINOJOSA!


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